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    Glass Floor

    Glass Floor

    Product Model:TL-012

    Introduction of Products
    Transparent floor or glass floor special for machine room decorate can be used in the monitoring roon wiring, equipment, air conditioning is leaking and instrument operation. The floor under the wire, air conditioning leaking water, the distribution of line distribution, instruments and meters monitoring situation can be observed accurately and directly and rapidly, eliminate under floor security hidden danger in time.

    Easy to install, floor can integrate with machine room floor and anti-static floor perfectly. HIgh transparency, beautiful and practical.

    1. Specification: width 600 * 600, 20 mm of thickness;
    2. High transparency, 98% transparency;
    3. The world's leading aviation glass technology, high strength, good rigidity and toughness;
    4. A whole load of more than 600 kg, the car can be safely through on it.

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