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    Aluminium perforated access floor

    Aluminium perforated access floor

    Product Model:20%

    Introduction of Products
    TONGLU aluminium perforated access floor is designed to take heavy load and ventilation rate. Sliding damper can be installed to the bottom the panel to meet air flow rate requirement of 0~55%. Light weight, good exchangeability, convenient removing, long performance life and 100% recycled.

    Wide range All manner of computer room,network service room monitor control center,electronic workshop,clean room,dustlessness chamber etc,and occasions which require on antistatic and and air conditioning.

    Good perforated, 0~60% ventilation rate.
    Light weight,good loading capacity and excellent anti-static properties.
    Smooth floor surface, high dimension accuracy and good interchangeablility.
    Elaborated made and creats good decorative effect.

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